Scraper Rake R70

Rust and rot proof multi use scraper rake with many applications beyond those of traditional rakes. It is very strong and lasts a life time.

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The scraper rake has a head moulded in rust free, rot free and unbreakable polypropylene. There are wide tines along one edge and a scraper blade along the other. The shaft is lightweight spun glass fibre.

In stables it is ideal for scraping faeces into a pile as well as smoothing out top beds.

On any smooth hard surface the tough tines break up compacted snow, slush or ice. It can scrape up to 13cm (5”) of virgin snow off any surface with ease.

In the home it can be used as a normal, but very efficient garden rake. It will rake or scrape gravel, sand or earth with impunity.

It is used in the Middle East for controlling desert sand in towns, homes, factories and equine yards, as well as braking pavement ice in Scandinavia.

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Weight .5 kg

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