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The Fieldguard M2 – a stable mat worth waiting for

Fieldguard are very pleased to announce that after a four year break, the wonderful and unique complete horse bedding... read more

Remedial works at Celia Cross Greyhound Rescue kennels

Immediately outside the kennels is a fenced, grassy slope that comes down to the concrete path beside the kennels.... read more

The Gripper Mat Mover From Fieldguard

The Gripper mat mover provides an easy and simple way to move, or lift, heavy mats and carpets single... read more

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Featured Accessories from Fieldguard

  • Gripper Mat MoverGripper Mat Mover Tool

    Gripper Mat Mover Tool GR1

    The Gripper mat mover provides an easy and simple way to move, or lift, heavy mats and carpets single handed.

    £16.00 (exc. VAT and delivery)
  • Countryman Barrow

    ‘Countryman’ barrow – R100

    The R100 Countryman Barrow is a light, balanced and very tough wheel barrow with 100-140 litre capacity.

    £87.00 (exc. VAT and delivery)
  • Rubber Ties/Leads

    Rubber Ties/Leads (R20)

    Strong, supple, elastic and chew proof with convenient solid brass bull clips at either end. They eliminate the need for unsightly baling twine on tie rings. For added safety the clips are positive close and snap open quick release.

    £24.50£31.50 (exc. VAT and delivery)
  • Diary of a DogDiary of a dog - Bandit

    Diary of a Dog

    The Diary of a Dog by Bandit, illustrated by Viv Levy and transcribed by Robert Powell charts the day to day happenings of a retired greyhound as he settles into a domestic life, as seen through his eyes.

  • green-gloopgreen gloop label

    Green Gloop Cleaning Fluid – 2 Litre Bottle (£6.75/Litre)

    Green Gloop Cleaning Fluid is a concentrated detergent, disinfectant and deodoriser that is harmless to all animals and fowl. With a pleasant floral odour, it is also environment friendly.

    £13.50 (exc. VAT and delivery)
  • scrapper rake

    Scraper Rake R70

    Rust and rot proof multi use scraper rake with many applications beyond those of traditional rakes. It is very strong and lasts a life time.

    £22.00 (exc. VAT and delivery)