Energisers and Batteries

Electric Fence Energisers and batteries

speedrite s60 energiserThe Speedrite range of electric fence energisers is a breakthrough in electric fence technology. They are solid state which means the components are very hardy and can withstand being dropped, stood upon or immersed in water.

The optimum type of shock to safely contain horses should be a very short but extremely high voltage pulse – similar to a bee sting. Horses do not feel anything below 3,000 volts. For safety, the power through the fence should be 5-8,000 volts. In our experience, the most suitable and reliable electric fence energiser units are those manufactured by the New Zealand firm of Speedrite (Tru-test).

‘S range’ energisers can be run from either mains or battery. The ideal battery is a 12 volt, 85 amp hour leisure unit. Dependant on use and size of energiser, a battery can last up to three weeks between charges.

Except for the AN90S, earthing rods are not included in any prices.

The Speedrite range of electric fence energisers carries a two-year warranty.

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