Help to keep your fields and paddocks in good shape this autumn and winter

Help to keep your fields and paddocks in good shape this autumn and winter

We are all aware of the mess which can follow long periods of rain in the autumn and winter months. However, muddy gateways are avoidable with a bit of planning and laying some good quality rubber matting. 

At Fieldguard, we have a superb range of grass and field mats which are perfect for this task.

Our Ground Stabilisation Mesh (M9) makes a perfect reinforcement for embankments or as an underlay for honeycomb mats. An open weave green coloured plastic mesh, it is supplied on a roll of 30m x 2m x 2-3mm (98’ x 6’6”).

Quick and simple to install, it is designed as both an underlay for our M5 family of honeycomb grass mats, but also on its own, it is a perfect reinforcement for embankments.

Heavy Honeycomb Mats: before, laid and after

Our 22mm Regular Honeycomb Mats are hard wearing and, due to their design, totally non-slip in all weathers including the iciest and wettest conditions. If laid as grass mats, they are amenable to all heavy animals and occasional vehicles. Laid on hard sub-strata, or with our M9 Mesh, they can withstand most normal vehicles in all weather conditions.

They are available in two sizes and three colours, black, brown and green. 

Note: These mats are supplied with free pins and (black) ties.

Fieldguard Mats for pigs using M9 mesh and M52LO heavy duty grass mats

23mm Heavy Honeycomb Mats M52L0

With a 22% greater footprint and being harder than standard mats, they are extremely tough and long-lasting and cope better with constant vehicle usage in less muddy conditions, or where sub-strata conditions are bad for animals. They are available in one size; in black or brown.

Being flexible, they rely on grass roots to support them, while, in turn, they protect the roots from depredation from sharp hooves. This means they will be less effective if laid onto deep mud. They should either be laid when the ground is able to support them or use the M9 Mesh as a stabilising agent when used to cover deep mud areas and gateways. They work as well on light mud, but will still appear to sink. However, the mud will get no worse with the covered area remaining flat. For regular vehicle use on anything other than a hard sub-stratum, it is imperative to use the M9 Mesh.

Note: These mats are supplied with free pins and (black) ties.