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Fieldguard fencing – helping to keep unwanted visitors out of your garden

Fieldguard Fencing keeping badgers out
Ten days ago, we had a call from a customer who's garden lawn was being damaged by badgers. Being local, we were able to assess the problem first hand and helped put together a fencing package to deal with the problem. This included three strands of 40mm brown tapeR8 insulators, and R36V tensioners. Power would be supplied using a Speedrite S5 energiser. The system also included three R11 gate handles which allowed the fence to be left open during the day for access.A week after installation, visits from badgers have completely stopped and our customer is delighted with the result.We can't usually make site visits for customers, but we do offer telephone support for anyone who is not sure what system is best, whether you want to keep unwanted animals out or loved animals in.We also have a useful Hints on Installation section on our website, many with tutorial videos to help with specific fence items.40mm Electric Tape £42.00-£210.00 (excl. VAT and delivery) Special Insulators (R8) £0.70 each (excl. VAT and delivery) Electric Fence Tensioner (R36V) £5.00 each (excl. VAT and delivery) Speedrite Energiser (S5) £137.00 (excl. VAT and delivery) Insulated Sprung Gate Handle (R11) £6.50 (excl. VAT and delivery)

Green Gloop Cleaning FluidGreen Gloop Cleaning Fluid - the outstanding cleaner for your stables - Save £4.50 with our new lower delivery cost*

Green Gloop is a highly concentrated, water-based, non-toxic detergent and deodoriser that will not harm animals nor rot rubber matting. It is the preferred cleaner in many livery yards, stud farms, professional kennels and catteries, and an animal health laboratory. It is ideal for cow barns, chicken and bird housing and pig pens. Our cleaner is especially popular at stables and equestrian centres. Gloop is ideal on all artificial beds as it cleans mat surfaces, neutralises urine and leaves the environment smelling fresh. If used on walls and badly infested floors the dilution rate is halved and a second wash is often required some hours after the initial application. Stained concrete floors can be cleaned to pristine freshness.

Fieldguard Tip

All draining and non-draining under bed type mats should be lifted at least once every nine months with help from our Gripper Mat Movers. Wash the mats and the stable floor thoroughly with Green Gloop.*£4.50 saving on delivery when you purchase one 2 litre bottle of Gloop2 Litre Bottle (£7.10/Litre) £14.20 (excl. VAT and delivery)
The Gripper Mat Mover

Gripper Mat Mover

Our Gripper Mat Mover Tool literally does help 'ease the workload' at stable yards by making the arduous task of moving mats much easier and much quicker. We recommend using two Gripper Mat Movers when moving heavy items in order to get maximum benefit whatever your size.The Gripper, featured in Horse and Rider, is a single hand positive grip, positive release handle that is ideal for moving flat, heavy objects, such as rubber mats, carpets, sacks, heavy bags, tarpaulins and covers where a finger grip is usually the norm.Because the Gripper allows full hand grip rather than finger grip, it is an invaluable tool to enable even the slightest person to manoeuvre heavy, often wet and smelly, mats with relative ease. It is an invaluable tool when cleaning messy stables, for it makes single-handed manoeuvring of the mats possible. No more strained backs or painfully tired hands as you struggle to keep a grip when moving them on your own.The Gripper has a pull strain of 200kgs, so is capable of moving the heaviest of mats and carpets.Gripper Mat Mover £18.00 each (excl. VAT and delivery)

Fieldguard Product Catalogue

Fieldguard Catalogue and Price ListTo receive your copy of the Fieldguard Catalogue, call us on 01483 275182

Help to keep your fields and paddocks in good shape this autumn and winter

We are all aware of the mess which can follow long periods of rain in the autumn and winter months. However, muddy gateways are avoidable with a bit of planning and laying some good quality rubber matting. 

At Fieldguard, we have a superb range of grass and field mats which are perfect for this task.

Our Ground Stabilisation Mesh (M9) makes a perfect reinforcement for embankments or as an underlay for honeycomb mats. An open weave green coloured plastic mesh, it is supplied on a roll of 30m x 2m x 2-3mm (98’ x 6’6”).

Quick and simple to install, it is designed as both an underlay for our M5 family of honeycomb grass mats, but also on its own, it is a perfect reinforcement for embankments.

Heavy Honeycomb Mats: before, laid and after

Our 22mm Regular Honeycomb Mats are hard wearing and, due to their design, totally non-slip in all weathers including the iciest and wettest conditions. If laid as grass mats, they are amenable to all heavy animals and occasional vehicles. Laid on hard sub-strata, or with our M9 Mesh, they can withstand most normal vehicles in all weather conditions.

They are available in two sizes and three colours, black, brown and green. 

Note: These mats are supplied with free pins and (black) ties.

Fieldguard Mats for pigs using M9 mesh and M52LO heavy duty grass mats

23mm Heavy Honeycomb Mats M52L0

With a 22% greater footprint and being harder than standard mats, they are extremely tough and long-lasting and cope better with constant vehicle usage in less muddy conditions, or where sub-strata conditions are bad for animals. They are available in one size; in black or brown.

Being flexible, they rely on grass roots to support them, while, in turn, they protect the roots from depredation from sharp hooves. This means they will be less effective if laid onto deep mud. They should either be laid when the ground is able to support them or use the M9 Mesh as a stabilising agent when used to cover deep mud areas and gateways. They work as well on light mud, but will still appear to sink. However, the mud will get no worse with the covered area remaining flat. For regular vehicle use on anything other than a hard sub-stratum, it is imperative to use the M9 Mesh.

Note: These mats are supplied with free pins and (black) ties.

Fieldguard Product Catalogue

Fieldguard Product Catalogue 2019 For those of you who like to have information literally in your hand, we can send you a print copy of our Fieldguard Catalogue. Packed with every product in an easy to read format and pull out price list.To order your copy, call us on 01483 275182 0r email us at

Spring clean your stables with Fieldguard

There is always a good time to spring clean your stables and yards. At Fieldguard we have two top products to help ease the workload.

Green Gloop Cleaning Fluid
Green Gloop Cleaning Fluid

Green Gloop Cleaning Fluid is a concentrated detergent, disinfectant, and deodoriser that is harmless to all animals and fowl. With a pleasant floral odour, it is also environment friendly.

Green Gloop Cleaning Fluid was originally formulated as an ammonia neutralising liquid and germicide specifically for equine use. It is now used in dog kennels, runs, and yards as well as with many other animals and fowl where 100% cleanliness is essential. It exceeds the specification, and so has been certified to EN 14349:2012 as being a suitable disinfectant and germicide for veterinary use on non-porous surfaces.Empty Green Gloop Spray Bottle

One Green Gloop Spray Bottle supplied FREE OF CHARGE with your order

We now provide one empty Green Gloop Spray Bottle free of charge and ready to fill with each sale of Green Gloop. If you spray your stables with our Green Gloop, this spray bottle is ideal for the job. To order one, simply add one Green Gloop Spray Bottle to your basket when you pay. (Note: Only one free bottle per order).

Green Gloop is available NOW direct from

2 Litre Bottle (£7.10/Litre)
£14.20 (exc. VAT and delivery)

8 x 2 Litre Bottles (£6.13/Litre)
£98.00 (exc. VAT and delivery)

25 Litre Container (£5.20/Litre)
£130.00 (exc. VAT and delivery)

The Gripper Mat MoverGripper Mat Mover

The first product, our Gripper Mat Mover Tool, literally does help ease the workload by making the arduous task of moving mats much easier and much quicker. We recommend using two Gripper Mat Movers when moving heavy items in order to get maximum benefit whatever your size.

The Gripper recently featured in Horse and Rider, is a single hand positive grip, positive release handle that is ideal for moving flat, heavy objects, such as rubber mats, carpets, sacks, heavy bags, tarpaulins and covers where a finger grip is usually the norm.
Because The Gripper allows full hand grip rather than finger grip, it is an invaluable tool to enable even the slightest person to manoeuvre heavy, often wet and smelly, mats with relative ease. It is an invaluable tool when cleaning messy stables, for it makes single-handed manoeuvring of the mats possible. No more strained backs or painfully tired hands as you struggle to keep a grip when moving them on your own.

The Gripper has a pull strain of 200kgs, so is capable of moving the heaviest of mats and carpets.

Gripper Mat Mover £18.00 each (exc. VAT and delivery)

Fieldguard Dirt BusterFieldguard Dirt Buster Door Mat

Banish mud and dirt from your home with the Fieldguard Dirt Buster Mat. The non-slip surface is designed to scour mud and dirt off shoes and boots, rather than it being bought into the house. Users report far cleaner floors that need less maintenance once a Dirt Buster is outside the back door and collecting the excess dirt.

The big holes and deep sides can hold large quantities of dirt. Lift the mats and the collected dirt falls through ready to be swept up. Drop the Dirt Buster mat back into place ready for the next invasions of muddy shoes.

Made from pliable rubber, so the mat will conform to any surface and stay in place. It is non-slip, even when wet or under snow.

The mat is made from pure latex and so has a long and useful life. However, to make the scouring design of the top surface fully effective means a sharp edge to the upper profiles of the mat. They will wear down fairly rapidly although remaining effective. Expect heavy wear in the first six months of use, but thereafter they will remain effective for many years.

Fieldguard Dirt Buster Door Mat £13.70 each (exc. VAT and delivery)

Fieldguard Product Catalogue

Fieldguard Product Catalogue 2019

Charlie Sellings

Those of you who met our wonderful and ever cheerful Warehouseman, Charlie Sellings, will be sad to hear that he died suddenly last week. Charlie came to us to work part-time on making up fence orders, but over the years he so loved the job, the responsibility and his van that he voluntarily extended his hours until he was working for us full time. He kept the warehouse smart and well stocked without being asked. Ever cheerful, 100% reliable and just a lovely person to be around. We will miss him enormously, as will our many customers who had dealings with him. He adored his family and, with his wife, spent Christmas every year with them in Australia. He lived for those two months – happily given by us as he worked so hard for the remainder of the year. Charlie was one of those rare breeds, a ‘doer’ and was forever finding odd jobs that needed doing, even the MD’s garden in the Summer. Charlie's unexpected death is a sad blow to our close-knit company. We will do our level best to maintain our hard-won reputation for prompt attention and delivery but please have patience if there is some short-term variance from our usual standards.Laying-M116-interlocking-mats

Time to renew and repair your electric fencing in time for summer

A well-installed and maintained Fieldguard electric fencing system will last for very many years, but it does need a little tender loving care from time to time – something we tend to forget this while it is working and looking smart. The old saw ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ holds as true even with our tough product.

Electric Fence Tapes from Fieldguard, Electric Tape, Electric Fencing FIELDGUARD ELECTRIC TAPE NO 1 FOR PADDOCKS AND FIELDS SINCE 1984

Fieldguard electric tape is the original electric fencing tape, developed by Fieldguard with our French partners – both being horse breeders – in 1984. It is designed to be safe and durable, allowing owners peace of mind. Few tapes are as robust and exhaustively tested and it has a designed life span in excess of 25 years. Our electric fencing tape is highly visible, very strong and flexible so cannot harm animals.Fieldguard electric tape has outsold all other wide horse tapes combined in Europe and since 1997, has been the top-selling tape in the USA and Australia. It is ubiquitous and can fulfill every animal containment need. For instance, it can be used to temporarily fence an area, to render a barbed wire fence safe, keep a stallion in (or out) or as a complete, stand-alone field fencing installation. Our electric tapes can be supplied in two widths and come in a variety of lengths and colours.

Order your Fieldguard Electric Tape today from our webshop here.

glass fibre fence stakesGlass Fibre Fence Stakes – R7A

Invest in the bestWe do not sell cheaper, pre-formed plastic stakes which easily come out in high winds when used with wide tape. Plastic stakes are also prone to snap in freezing weather. Our fibre glass stakes make a far better investment and are recommended with our renowned electric fencing systems.Fieldguard fence stakes are made from durable resin bonded glass fibre and are strong, rust-proof and virtually unbreakable.They can be reused indefinitely as either temporary or movable fencing. They also ensure that fencing will not fall down. Even though adapted for tape, plastic stakes are designed for less wind resistant products such as electric string, wire, and rope.
Glass Fibre Fence Stakes - R7a £3.70 each + VAT and Delivery

Here are five products to help keep your fencing in good shape.


Green Gloop Cleaning Fluid is a concentrated detergent, disinfectant, and deodoriser that is harmless to all animals and fowl. With a pleasant floral odour, it is also environment-friendly.Fill an old sponge with a strong diluted solution of Fieldguard GREEN GLOOP, fold the sponge in half with the tape inside the cavity. Then just walk along the length pulling the sponge along and this will clean the tape and bring it up like new.Green Gloop is the preferred cleaner in many livery yards, stud farms, professional kennels and catteries, and an animal health laboratory. It is ideal for cow barns, chicken and bird housing, pig pens and farrowing crates.

green gloop cleaning fluid Green Gloop is available NOW direct from Fieldguard

2 Litre Bottle (£6.75/Litre) £14.20 (exc. VAT and delivery)
8 x 2 Litre Bottles (£5.81/Litre) £98.00 (exc. VAT and delivery
25 Litre Container (£5/Litre) £138.00 (exc. VAT and delivery)


Sometimes the wire in the tensioner becomes misshapen or ‘unwinds’, invariably when an animal has made violent contact with the electric fence tape. The system is designed for this to be the weak point that gives way in such circumstances. It is cheaper to replace the wire than tape.
Stainless steel tensioning wire (R36N) £3.00 (exc.VAT and delivery)


This is absolutely essential in all tape systems as the tape – to be effective – must be held and tensioned. This electric fence tensioner is used at all breaks in a straight tape run such as corners, gate openings, and the start and finish of a run.It is supplied with two self-tapping coach bolts (R36S) to go into wood stakes.
Electric fence tensioner (R36V) £5.00 (exc.VAT and delivery)

electric tape insulators, special insulator SPECIAL INSULATOR (R8)

This special insulator is made from soft plastic and has rounded edges that grip the tape firmly so that it does not wear with wind movement. It also maintains existing tension. The cap can be secured to the insulator with its own violin pressure pegs or separate screws (R8S). Neither can be over tightened but hold the cap with the correct pressure on the tape to stop chafing.
Special Insulator (R8) £0.70 (exc.VAT and delivery)

electric tape keep tidy KEEP TIDY FOR TENSIONER TAPE (PINSN)

These are a more stable form of keep tidy, although not as convenient as the R36CLIP when re-tensioning tape. One half of the tidy is pushed through both tapes and the other half clipped to it on the other side. It makes a very neat fixing.
Keep tidy for tensioner tape (PINSN) £2.10 (exc.VAT and delivery)

Fieldguard electric fencing for horses


Fieldguard electric fencing tape is the original tape, developed by Fieldguard with our French partners – both being horse breeders – in 1984.

By its nature, electric fence tape has high electrical resistance and requires large power units. To mitigate this Fieldguard 40mm electric tape is made with 10 x 0.4mm stainless steel filaments, which is perfect when used with our Speedrite electric fence energisers.

Animals touch the edge, so the filaments of the 40mm tape (excluding white) are bunched along each leading edge, and this has a second advantage for if a filament breaks there is no loss of power transmission.

Creatures of flight, particularly horses, have difficulty seeing fencing less than 40mm wide. Therefore we do not sell wire, string, rope, netting or thin tapes.

To create safe horse fencing you require: a wide tape band that can be either fixed to wood uprights for a permanent, safe fence or onto glass fibre stakes to construct moveable safe field fencing. It is the minimum width that can be seen by a spooked, bolting horse. Easy to self-erect and highly cost-effective, being roughly one-quarter of the price of good quality wooden post and rail fencing. It is Ideal for livery yards, stallion fencing and stud farm fencing; the perfect field and paddock fencing.

Fieldguard electric fencing for horses can fulfill every containment need. For instance, it can be used to temporarily fence an area, to render a barbed wire fence safe, keep a stallion in (or out) or as a complete, stand-alone field fencing installation. It provides for fantastic stallion fencing.

Fieldguard also stocks a full range of accessories to complete your installation including electric fence gates, tape tensioners, and electric fence insulators.

Spring is just around the corner

Time to think about fettling your fencing ready for 2018 so that turning out is still safe and angst free.

A well installed and maintained Fieldguard fencing system will last for very many years, but it does need a little tender loving care from time to time – something we tend to forget while it is working and looking smart. The old saw ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ holds as true even with our tough product.

The first thing to do is to check the voltage in the system. It should be well above 3,000 volts to be effective. If it is down, then it could be a bad dose of vegetation infesting the fence – note to our livery, there is a whole bank of dead bracken along the lower fence at the moment, so no wonder there is barely a trickle of power in the system – or poor power connections somewhere along the line. If you live in dry conditions, it could be that there is not quite enough earth.

Best to start at the beginning. Disconnect the energiser and measure the voltage it is putting out offload. It should be in the region of 10-12,000 volts. Re-connected and significant voltage drop then there is something amiss in power transmission to the tape or in the tape itself.

If there is any black soot like substance around the stainless parts, that is connectors, tensioners, gate handles that is actually oxidisation. It should be cleaned off with emery cloth and then sprayed with WD40. If it is on the tape filaments, that will invariably occur where the tape is connected to the tensioner, gate handle or joining buckle. At that point, the tape filaments have turned to nonconductive carbon. Just pull the tape a little further through to bypass the ‘break’.

Having cleared the excess vegetation, cleaned the connections it is now time to smarten things up a bit. Fill an old sponge with a strong diluted solution of Fieldguard GREEN GLOOP, fold the sponge in half with the tape inside the cavity. Then just walk along the length pulling the sponge along and this will clean the tape and bring it up like new. If the tape is heavily infested it may take two or three rubs along the run to clear the mess.

Finally, check all the insulators are firm, tensioners not buckled and re-tension the tape. Finish off by either wiping grease or petroleum jelly on all the stainless steel parts of the system. You should end up with a fence that looks as if it has been newly installed.

Fencing maintenance
Fencing Maintenance

Muddy, wet gateways? Yuk!

Heavy Honeycomb Mats: before, laid and after

Celia Cross Greyhound RescueWith the amount of rain that has fallen during the past three weeks even the freest draining soils have tended to become waterlogged. Hock deep mud that sucks your gum boots off.

You might think it too late to do anything about it this year, but we can offer a potential route to instant salvation.

Another highly effective solution, particularly in the current sodden conditions, is to lay our stiff plastic mesh (M9) before laying the mats.

It acts as a sort of artificial root system and the mats can then be dropped straight onto the mesh, seeded and, hopefully, no more hock deep mud and fears of mud fever!

A word of caution. The mats will still fill with mud, so it would be wisest that once the ground is starting to harden to lift the mats, knock out the clods that have formed in each cavity and then drop the now empty mats back onto the mesh. Bingo, lovely lush grass three months later and very definitely no gloopy boot sucking mud next winter.

POSTSCRIPT to ‘The Diary of a Dog’

Bandit Diary of a DogAs some time has passed since my great scribble project, I am sure you’d like to know the current state of play. Well, first of all, spring still hasn’t arrived, even though British Summer Time has; and even the swallows have returned! The winds have been icier and more cutting than in January, and it is always raining, and if it’s not, then it’s drizzling. Yuk!

I feel so healthy and full of beans that it’s spurt or bounce everywhere, and it’s up and out at every opportunity. I can even, finally, run Willow into the ground. In the rear department, my tail usually resembles a demented windscreen wiper. Of course, it goes without saying that my face is constantly split in half with a smile, for life just couldn’t be better. Our bundles, always instigated by me I might add, are really energetic; and we’ve taken to sharing our beds.

Wills has given up mining and taken to hunting instead. Her main areas are the canyon behind the stables and the laurel hedge: her bag to date being five bunnies. That hedge is worrying Bertie, for it is the Belgium to his Maginot Line onto the road, and he gets very twitchy.  Incidentally, he’s still not twigged how I can get through the front gate defences.

Rather like the bog rolls of yore, I’ve taken to gardening. The warehouseman is bashing into it for its annual wash and brush up, and the quad bike is working overtime. He doesn’t seem to appreciate my efforts to help a little bit. In fact, he gets quite shirty; but, happily, it’s Wills who gets the flak. These being a classic case of “give a dog a bad name” of course.

It goes without saying that the change of times is playing havoc with my toilet arrangements.

No more crashing into the board fence either, for the adventurous pussy cat, who caused us such angst, was wandering in the road and a car ran it over. That’s one aggravation less for the other is too timid to venture out alone.

Domestically, we still ricochet from one disaster to the next; the latest being yet another go at cooking tapioca - when the precious and irreplaceable little blue Poole Pottery container shattered in the intense heat of the top oven. He followed that by making a second batch, which came out all lumpy. He’ll never learn, of course, he’s too senile for that, and why this perseverance with tapioca I ask? He decided that the printer had shot it, so bought a new one, but then the old one got over its sulk, and is now working again, but only AFTER he’d unpacked the new one and burnt all the packaging! He did turn over the utility room and, like Dr. Livingston, finally located the source of the worst icicle though. The remaining one is a mere zephyr.

On the squeaky ball front, there was an atmosphere so Bertie bought Willow one. It’s smaller, squeakier and ovoid-shaped – just perfect to take for an extended run which I do all the time; for Wills may well snarl but she’ll never actually fight for it – so there’s now even more of an atmosphere.

Yesterday I took it for our morning walk and it obviously loved the burn-ups, for it squeaked away like mad all the time. Then he pulled a fast one on us by buying her an even nicer squeaking bone which, obviously, I instantly purloined. Now there is a dilemma which squeaky to claim? Think I’ll leave her the ovoid and concentrate on the bone; or perhaps the bone and let her have the ovoid. Wills is being very difficult about the whole thing. The original squeaky ball, of course, is absolutely last week and lying unloved in a corner of the kitchen.

Well, that’s about it Ta ta.


Diary of a Dog

The Diary of a Dog by Bandit, illustrated by Viv Levy and transcribed by Robert Powell charts the day to day happenings of a retired greyhound as he settles into a domestic life, as seen through his eyes.

Available direct from our web store.