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Keep the mud outside this Christmas

Horse MatWith all the mud around at the moment perhaps the time has come to give yourself a Christmas present, but with a reminder of your beloved horse still wallowing in it?Our horse head coir door mat is a tough, rubber backed, thick coir mat with a stylish horse head design. This mat is brilliant at excluding unwanted mud or rotting leaves from the house.No one should arrive back home without one ...on the door step!Large Coir Door Mat

The Diary of a Dog by Bandit – an ideal gift this Christmas

Diary of a DogNow here’s an idea for a brilliant Christmas present for your more dour friends, because it will make them laugh like drains.All the profits from sales of The Diary of a Dog by Bandit, the retired Greyhound, go to Celia Cross Greyhound Rescue. By buying the book you will be feeding a rescued dog for a week, so everyone will be happy."Full of humour with an insight into the nature of greyhounds from their joy of running to their devotion to the duvet. Ideal for the older reader.”  Homer Magazine

Muck and garden barrows

Fieldguard Muck barrowsFieldguard's range of British made barrows are designed to be well balanced with most of the weight over the wheels. They also are light and easy to handle.The frames are made from ultra strong 30mm galvanised steel tubing, and will never rust. The trays are made from rot proof Polyethylene; and the tyres are pneumatic 4 ply with inner tubes.Our range of muck and garden barrows are very tough and long lasting. Fieldguard’s own pair is now 30 years old, in daily use, and show little sign of age or wear, although the tyres had to be replaced recently. The tyres rot away before the barrows!

16mm Honeycomb Mats

Fieldguard Honeycomb Mats We are pleased to announce that our 16mm hollow honeycomb mats are back stock. Supplied in black, green or brown, they provide a non-slip, soft and puddle free covering on any hard surface, such as tar, concrete, wood, Type A, cobbles and brick.They are available in two sizes;
  • 1.20m x 0.80m x 16mm (4’ x 2’6”)
  • 1.50m x 1.00m (4’11” x 3’ 3”)
The example pictured demonstrates the hard wearing nature of these mats. In place for 12 years, they have given a firm, soft footing for horses and humans in all weathers; provided a scrabble free surface for cars, tractors, horse boxes, lorries and heavily laden vans struggling to breast the incline. The durability of our mats ensure that these will have a few more years of useful life left in them yet.honeycomb mats stop the mud Of course our supplies are brand new and our hollow honeycomb mats come highly recommended for anyone looking to invest in a long lasting quality product.Use the product link below to place your order today.

Fieldguard Mark V tape

Fieldguard electric fencing tape 40mm electric fence tape (R4)

High quality long lasting electric fencing tape

The concept of a wide tape that could be electrified and used to contain horses was a combined effort by our French partners and ourselves in 1983-4. We became frustrated that every improvement we made would then be offered to everyone else by the weaver, so in 1994 we bought our own looms. No longer needing to buy in, and confident improvements would not be copied; we put those savings into weaving ever more effective.First introduction was a nylon buffer to reduce stretching, followed by thicker stainless filaments that are less power hungry = smaller and cheaper energizers. It also meant that the effective life span rose from around 18 years to nearer 30.Then we reasoned that animals only touch the top and bottom, so it was obvious that the stainless steel filaments should be bunched along the leading edges. It not only made the tape more effective but also means that if any filament breaks there will be no ’ticking’ and interference with any nearby TV sets, but also no loss of power throughout the run. It took five years to perfect, but now we have the outstanding Mark V tape, and it is at a highly competitive price compared to other quality tapes, because we are the only retailers who weave our own tapes.Fieldguard tape has always striven to be safe, reliable and long lasting so giving horse owners peace of mind. It works against us because whereas other quality tapes need constant replacing, ours seem to go on, and on, and on. A customer recently observed that he was now replacing parts of his original installation - bought in 1989!For more details and prices visit our specialist Fencing website here

Diary of a Dog – a birthday visit from Bandit

Fieldguard: Pets as Therapy visitFieldguard has always been public service minded and supports many good causes, including Pets as Therapy (PAT), a charity which provides therapeutic visits to hospitals, hospices, nursing and care homes.Bandit, a Fieldguard staff member’s dog, is pictured here wishing an elderly resident ‘happy birthday’ at a care home where he regularly visits as a PAT dog.Bandit is, of course, the ‘author’ of the book The Diary of a Dog. Bandit's diary is a touching and often hilarious account of his, and his lurcher companion’s adventures. Stories which would undoubtedly resonate with all people who have ever been 'owned by a dog'.Diary of a DogThe Diary of a Dog would make a wonderful gift and is an absolute must for those people who are considering giving a greyhound a home.All proceeds from the book are assigned to charities supporting greyhound re-homing and rescue, all of which are primarily supported by voluntary funds. Charities supported by Fieldguard include Celia Cross Greyhound Rescue and The Retired Greyhound Trust.You can purchase a copy of The Diary of a Dog from our web shop here

Green Gloop – the preferred germicidal cleaner for stables, kennels and veterinary practices

stable cleaning fluid

Recent legislation covering the safety of chemicals used around animals meant that all products had to be submitted for testing. Fieldguard’s Green Gloop, a non-toxic germicidal sanitiser for concrete and rubber floors exceeded legal requirements by a handsome margin and is EN 14349:2012 certified, confirming its suitability for use on hard surfaces in the veterinary profession.

Green Gloop is also the preferred cleaner in many livery yards, stud farms, professional kennels and catteries, and at an animal health laboratory. It is ideal for cow barns, chicken and bird housing, pig pens and farrowing crates.

Green Gloop is available in 2 litre bottles, in bulk quantities of 8 bottles and also comes in 25 litre containers.

Order Green Gloop direct from our web shop now.