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Our highly regarded electric fencing systems have delivered complete peace of mind to hundreds of satisfied customers over the past 30 years. Our electric fencing tape continues to out perform rival brands on quality and affordability and is recommended by all those who use it. Fieldguard electric fencing is easily adapted for use as either a permanent or movable fencing system at stables, paddocks, stud farms, equestrian centres etc. and perfect electric fencing for horses, cattle and other animals.

  • 30 years unrivalled expertise - We developed the original electric fence tape in 1984 with our French partners. Our knowledge, experience and understanding will ensure that you get the right electric fencing for your needs.
  • Quality - Fieldguard electric fencing is designed to be safe and durable, allowing owners peace of mind. Few electric tapes are as robust and exhaustively tested and our tape has a designed life span in excess of 25 years.
  • Price - Our electric fencing tape is competitively priced against other suppliers. The combination of cost and quality makes Fieldguard electric fencing worth the investment.
  • Delivery - We aim to despatch orders for next day delivery, ensuring that you get your items quickly and efficiently.
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Use our electric fencing categories to build a complete fencing system, or to replace or update your existing electric fencing.

Remember, we offer unrivalled expertise with over 30 years experience in the industry. You can always call us directly on 01483 275182 if you need advice on a specific product or for for guidance on choosing the best solution for you.