16mm Interlocking mats SSM116

£15.60 (exc. VAT and delivery)

A hard wearing, soft and warm anti fatigue mat that can be laid on any hard surface without pre-preparation.


16mm Interlocking mats

These interlocking mats are 900cm x 900cm (3′ x 3′) and weigh 16kgs. The top has an easily cleaned slip resistant surface. It is fully vulcanised latex to a density/specific gravity of 1.45gm per cc.

Due to its design the mat has outstanding anti-fatigue properties. It is tough enough to withstand weights up to 4 tons. The mats are very easily laid, and can be locked together to cover any sized area without moving.

They can be used in any commercial environment where a smart, soft and hard wearing surface is required. They are used where an existing surface is breaking down, in corridors, sheds, workshops, machine shops, offices, gymnasia, sports halls, or in retail spaces.

Where edges are proud there are edging strips available for a neat and safe installation. Please refer to M116M/F in accessories.

There is a thicker (33mm), softer and sturdier version of these mats. Edging strips for this mat are unavailable. Please refer to the M130.

PLEASE NOTE: The M116 Mats have a lead time of three months from placement of order to delivery

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Weight 7.5 kg