22mm Regular Honeycomb Mat SSM522

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Suitable for humans, heavy animals, and occasional motor vehicles. These non-slip, instant draining mats are available in two sizes in black.

Note: These mats are supplied with free pins and ties.

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These honeycomb mats are hard wearing and, due to their design, totally non-slip in all weathers including the iciest and wettest conditions. If laid on grass, dependant on conditions, they are amenable to all heavy animals and occasional vehicles up to 7.50 tons. The mats conform to BSI standards for both slip and critical fall height. They have been tested to BS1177 for critical fall height of 2.5m and BS71 88 for slip resistance to 89 in wet or dry.

They are available in two sizes;

  • 1.20m x 0.80m x 22mm thick (4’ x 2’6”)
  • 1.50m x 1.00m x 22mm thick (4’11” x 3’ 3”).

Being flexible, they rely on grassroots to support them, while, in turn, they protect the roots from depredation from sharp hooves. This means they will be less effective if laid onto deep mud. They should either be laid when the ground is able to support them or use the M9 mesh as a stabilising agent. They work as well on light mud, but will still appear to sink. However, the mud will get no worse with the covered area remaining flat. In the spring lift then, knock out the earth and re-lay and re-seed.

A great re-enforcer for grass and gravel

They are also known as grass mats, hollow mats, holey mats or ring mats. They are suitable for grass re-enforcement and exceptional at gravel containment.

They can be laid on any surface with no prior groundwork required, bar smoothing rough soil and, due to their size and weight, are ideal in child play areas, playgrounds, driveways, car and caravan parking areas, muddy gateways, fields, golf course fairways, heavily used paths. They are also the ideal mat to lay on hard concrete yards, where their draining, nonslip and soft properties come to the fore.

Please note that after a few years, the coloured honeycomb mats may appear to be perishing. This is caused by the latex and the pigment weathering at different rates. This does not impair the durability of the mats in any way.

Note: These mats are supplied with free pins and (black) ties.

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Weight 7 kg

1.20m x 0.80m, 1.50m x 1.00m


Black, Brown, Green