Anti Cast Strips M12

anti cast strip

Anti Cast Strips M12

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£19.00 (exc. VAT and delivery)

Very thick, very soft anti cast strips with vertical grooves to aid contact from a cast horse hoof.

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Anti Cast Strips

Fieldguard anti cast stripThe anti-cast strips are 188cm long x 13cm wide (6’2″ x 5”) and are nailed or screwed onto the wall with seven equally spaced fixings per strip.

Height is not critical, so long as it is somewhere in the score marks left by hooves. When a horse becomes cast, it scrabbles against the slippery wall for a foothold to enable it to lever itself away from the wall.

The anti-cast strip is made from thick, soft, vertically ribbed EVA to give sufficient purchase to hooves, enabling the horse to push itself over and back into the centre of the stable safely. It has proven to be a most efficient anti-cast mechanism that gives owners peace of mind.

It is not only extremely efficient at helping cast horses recover, but it is also highly cost-effective, for it eliminates the need for any banks. A bank uses 3-4 bales of shavings, which is no longer required when using the M12 anti-casting strips. Less bedding also means substantially reduced mucking out times.

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