Battery Energiser with Stand – AN90

Speedrite AN90

Battery Energiser with Stand – AN90

£121.00 (exc. VAT and delivery)

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£121.00 (exc. VAT and delivery)

A compact 0.12 joule Speedrite battery fence energiser for strip grazing and gardens.

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Battery Energiser with Stand – AN90

This compact 0.12 joule Speedrite battery energiser with stand is one of the most powerful strip-grazing energisers available. It will power up to 500m of tape. It is powered by four 1.5v D-cell or rechargeable batteries (not included), or from external 6v or 12v batteries.

The energiser has two speeds, fast for training and slow energy-saving in normal use. There is a pulse indicator light.

It is supplied with a complete set of power leads, and as it is too heavy to hang on tape, is also supplied with its own purpose designed tread-in stand (ER4).

Care and maintenance

If the fence energiser has been unused for a while the internal battery contacts will oxidise slightly and the energiser will not work. Regularly clean the contact points with a light rub of emery cloth and a squirt of WD40.

For battery saving and lower maintenance, you may care to consider the AN90 with solar panel kit.

You may care to consider ER4

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