Electric fence energiser (battery/mains) (S5)

speedrite s5 electric fence energiser

Electric fence energiser (battery/mains) (S5)

£140.00 (exc. VAT and delivery)

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£140.00 (exc. VAT and delivery)

A 0.5 joule Speedrite electric fence energiser, powered by battery or mains, for strip grazing, small paddocks and gardens.

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Electric fence energiser (S5) for battery or mains

A 0.5 joule electric fence energiser from Speedrite power up to 1.0km of tape and have the advantage of being easily movable from field to field or used where no mains power supply is readily to hand.

Hooked up to a 12-volt battery, the S5 controls animals in remote locations; connected to mains power, it provides reliable, fuss-free electric fencing for a wide range of stock.

An electric fence energiser for permanent or temporary electric fence systems

For permanent systems it is advisable to use the mains power option and obviate the need for constant battery attention. Units use minimal power and do not need to be housed under cover. They also need to be very well earthed with an earth rod of at least 2m (or double sided 1m as with our ER3).

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