Extended Electric Tape Insulator – R13

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Extended Electric Tape Insulator – R13

£1.95 (exc. VAT and delivery)

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£1.95 (exc. VAT and delivery)

34mm long high tensile wire Extended Electric Tape Insulator for protection from dangerous wire or barbed wire fences.


This insulator is ideal where a field is dangerously fenced (barbed or normal wire, broken post and rail) or temporarily rented where minimal disturbance is necessary. It keeps animals safely away from the existing fencing. It is also useful for stopping animals from fighting over passive fences. It is nailed into existing wood stakes.

Many stud farms and livery yards have R13 standoff insulators either side of the dividing fence posts to affect a 2 foot separation between animals. This extended electric tape insulator is particularly useful in fencing a stallion.

The R36V tensioner is essential at the ends of the tape run.

A single strand of 40mm tape at a height of 90cm above ground should be adequate.

You will need tensioners (R36V) at all ends and corners.

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