Glass Fibre Fence Stakes – R7A

Glass Fibre Fence Stakes – R7A

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1.7m long glass fibre fence stakes for temporary or movable fences. Made from durable resin bonded glass fibre, they are strong, rust-proof and virtually unbreakable.

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Fieldguard fence stakes are very easy and quick to install using the driver (R49). The stakes are strong, rust-proof and unbreakable. They can be reused indefinitely as either temporary or movable fencing. Insulators should be spiked on before installation and should remain in situ thereafter.

The stakes will bend in high wind but never come out of the ground no matter how soft the subsoil. After a winter of soft soil their hole will have elongated so it is advisable to move the stakes a couple of inches to a new hole. If a field is rented they can be used for a semi permanent system as they are virtually unbreakable and very hardy. We know of one system that has been up for twenty years.

With glass fibre stakes a wood stake with a tensioner (R36V) is required at all interruptions to the straight tape run, such as corners, gates and the start and finish of a run.

It is advisable to wear gardening gloves when handling the stakes as, in time, with weathering tiny shard of glass come away and cause itchiness.

It is virtually impossible to push them into the ground and they should NEVER be hammered in as that burrs the ends. Either use a 12mm length of concrete reinforcing wire as a bradawl or use our stake driver R49. They should be driven in a minimum of 18” but more if the soil is particularly soft.

Whilst sold individually they are delivered to Fieldguard in packs of 20.

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Weight.38 kg
Dimensions1.7 m

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