Self tapping steel screws – R8X

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30mm x 4.5mm (1 1/8”) zinc coated self tapping screws. (1 pack = 200 screws)

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Self-tapping steel screws for insulators

The ideal way to fix the insulators R8 to wooden posts. They can be screwed directly into wood without the need to pre-drill a hole. A Torx bit in a cordless power drill is the ideal tool. The Torx bit is specifically developed to give a more positive grip on the screw without slipping. The bit is also long enough that the drill will not damage the insulator. Each box of screws has a Torx bit included. There are four small holes in each corner of the insulator (R8) to allow for knots or cavities in the wood. Two are required per insulator, one at the top and one at the bottom.

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