‘Titan’ barrow – R350/2

£435.00 (exc. VAT and delivery)

The Titan barrow is perfect for big capacity loads of 300-350 litres, yet is is light, balanced and very tough. Ideal for mucking out grazing paddocks.

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The ‘Titan’ barrow is suitable for big capacity loads and ideal for mucking out grazing paddocks. Where it is not possible to tip the whole barrow the Titan does the job itself. It makes emptying, or putting heavy loads in a simple, easily managed job. The Titan has a capacity that is incredible. They are able to take five large bags of peat, two large bales of hay, a pile of logs, a tree load of leaves or four stables worth of muck. Fully laden, while the barrow is light, the load weight is high and the two wheels ensure stability for even the weakest person.

The British made barrow range is designed to be well balanced with most of the weight over the wheels. They also are light and easy to handle.

The frames are made from ultra strong 30mm galvanised steel tubing, and will never rust. The trays are made from rot proof Polyethylene; and the tyres are pneumatic 4 ply with inner tubes.

The barrows are very tough and long lasting. Fieldguard’s own pair is now 30 years old, in daily use, and show little sign of age or wear, although the tyres had to be replaced recently. The tyres rot away before the barrows!

While not listed, replacement tyres and handle grips are available.

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Weight 31 kg

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