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Fieldguard electric fencing for horses

Fieldguard electric fencing tape is the original tape, developed by Fieldguard with our French partners – both being horse breeders –... read more

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A guide to electric fencing

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Electric fence tape properties

To create safe horse fencing you require: a wide tape band that can be either fixed to wood uprights for a permanent, safe fence, or onto glass fibre stakes to construct moveable safe field fencing.

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Why FIELDGUARD electric fencing?

Fieldguard electric fencing tape is the original tape, developed by Fieldguard in partnership with La Sangliere, our French partners in 1984. With both companies being horse breeders – the product is designed to be safe, durable and allow horse owners peace of mind.

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What fencing solution do I need for my animals?

Some examples outlined, but scale to your needs. For a 75m x 50m square field (approximately one acre) with one gate opening and two runs of 40mm tape.

Hints on Installation

Hints on Installation

A few basic rules need to be followed when installing and using the Fieldguard system.

Fieldguard International Distributors

International Distributors

If you are outside the United Kingdom then why not check our list of Fieldguard Fencing stockists in your country.

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Energisers and Batteries

The optimum type of shock to safely contain horses should be a very short but extremely high voltage pulse – similar to a bee sting.