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The Diary of a Dog by Bandit – an ideal gift this Christmas

Diary of a DogNow here’s an idea for a brilliant Christmas present for your more dour friends, because it will make them laugh like drains.

All the profits from sales of The Diary of a Dog by Bandit, the retired Greyhound, go to Celia Cross Greyhound Rescue. By buying the book you will be feeding a rescued dog for a week, so everyone will be happy.

“Full of humour with an insight into the nature of greyhounds from their joy of running to their devotion to the duvet. Ideal for the older reader.”  Homer Magazine

  • Diary of a DogDiary of a dog - Bandit

    Diary of a Dog

    The Diary of a Dog by Bandit, illustrated by Viv Levy and transcribed by Robert Powell charts the day to day happenings of a retired greyhound as he settles into a domestic life, as seen through his eyes.