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Sorry for another covid 19 message but we would be most grateful if you would read the following important information

We would like to assure our customers that we are doing everything we can to continue operating normally during these very difficult times. We are essentially a mail order company, so we have no direct contact with customers when placing orders. We are able to keep staffing levels to a minimum and have a strict regime in place to ensure a clean environment in the office and yard.

Our carriers are not requiring signatures but will log the name of the delivery recipient. They will leave items outside front doors, knock and call for attention before stepping back to a safe distance. We remain available during office hoursfor telephone enquiries and for advice on placing orders.

You are still welcome to collect your order from us but please phone ahead to pay in advance with a credit or debit card. This will mean you don’t have to come into our office and we can have your order ready for us to load for you without the need for you to get out of your car.

We are strictly following all government advice regarding sanitisation and social distancing but as a mail order company we are still allowed to remain open and we have reduced our staff to one person who is alone in the office and warehouse. All of our couriers are fully operational. Although the government has asked people to work from home where possible, for us to prepare orders and ship parcels this would obviously not be possible.


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Fieldguard Mud Mats – the perfect solution to the age old problem

Fieldguard Mud Mats

Whew! We have certainly had it wet, which is probably why the Mud Mats have been flying out the door these past two months. The pity of it being that they hadn’t a hope in hell of helping the poor people of Cumbria – or the Indian state of Tamil Nadu close to where the mats are made.We do still have stock of the larger hollow, honeycomb mud mat as well as its heavy duty sibling.

16mm Honeycomb Mats

Fieldguard Honeycomb Mats We are pleased to announce that our 16mm hollow honeycomb mats are back stock. Supplied in black, green or brown, they provide a non-slip, soft and puddle free covering on any hard surface, such as tar, concrete, wood, Type A, cobbles and brick.They are available in two sizes;
  • 1.20m x 0.80m x 16mm (4’ x 2’6”)
  • 1.50m x 1.00m (4’11” x 3’ 3”)
The example pictured demonstrates the hard wearing nature of these mats. In place for 12 years, they have given a firm, soft footing for horses and humans in all weathers; provided a scrabble free surface for cars, tractors, horse boxes, lorries and heavily laden vans struggling to breast the incline. The durability of our mats ensure that these will have a few more years of useful life left in them yet.honeycomb mats stop the mud Of course our supplies are brand new and our hollow honeycomb mats come highly recommended for anyone looking to invest in a long lasting quality product.Use the product link below to place your order today.