Walton Firs Maze by Fieldguard Limited

Walton Firs Maze by Fieldguard Limited

The interlocking mat M116 has an interesting design. The top surface has four crossing grooves that give the effect of the mat being nine 1ft square tiles. It also has male studs along two edges and female receptors along the other two edges. However, the underside also has female receptors within the general design.

Cutting the mats along the middle of a groove exposes the additional female receptors on the underside, and that means that it is possible to change the configuration of a square mat to one of any shape, perhaps 1’ wide and 9’ long.

A well maintained lawn will look beautiful, but can be rather boring

This set us thinking that would it be possible to cut and lock the mats in such a way that they formed a horizontal mini maze that could be mown? It would make an interesting, maintenance free garden feature. The answer was to lay one out and see the effect. It was stunning and seen by the Managers of Walton Firs campsite, who saw in it a means of providing an unsupervised, instructional and interesting feature for the young people visiting. It would teach them spatial awareness.

In due course our experimental layout was delivered and re-laid as a permanent feature on the site, where it has been a popular feature enjoyed by countless young people over the years.

Watch our short video to see the Walton Firs Maze taking shape.

To order these M116 mats, follow this page link to our shop.

Walton Firs Maze
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