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Fieldguard LimitedThe UK's leading supplier of Electric Fencing and Rubber Mats

Fieldguard is a family-run equine business founded in 1984. Having been involved with horses for over 300 years, the original founding family had bred high-quality American Quarter Horses for over thirty years. Management and containment of these horses had long been a problem needing improvement, and Fieldguard’s revolutionary electric fence tape was the first of its kind on the equine market.

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Recognising a need for other products for the safety or well-being of horses, Fieldguard worked closely with manufacturers to add a range of rubber matting for stables, fields and gateways. Stable mats need cleaning, and Fieldguard’s very own Green Gloop has become one of the most highly rated cleaning fluids used by stableyards, studs and veterinary practices across the UK.

Other products we offer at Fieldguard have also been developed by horse owners for horse owners. All are made with the safety and comfort of horses as a prime concern, combined with quality and best value for money. They need to be durable and long-lasting. This same ethic continues in our ever-expanding range of products for use in other markets.

Rubber mats for many uses

Our range of field mats is a superb choice for protecting grass and for gravel containment. These mats are also widely used in other areas, such as safety surfacing in playgrounds and slippery pavements. Our mats are fully tested to BS EN 1177, and their anti-fatigue properties have been appreciated in other spheres. In turn, the under mat stabilisation mesh has proved ideal where temporary protection of grass or lawns is required, for it is tough enough to take the weight of vehicles.

Green Gloop Stable Cleaning Fluid

While initially developed as a stable cleaner, our highly rated Green Gloop has found many outlets in kennels, catteries, general animal housing, and in the home. It exceeds the EN14349 standard for veterinary surface disinfectants, a test used to evaluate the efficacy of a product against bacteria on non-porous surfaces.

Interlocking mats for indoor uses

With the interlocking mats, it was the other way around, for they were developed for outdoor playgrounds, but the thicker one proved to be the most superb of stable mats. At the same time, the thinner one is primarily used for garages, damp cellars, roof terraces, gyms, offices, shops and everywhere where a soft, waterproof, hard-wearing, easy-to-clean, warm surface is needed. Our solid rubber mats also have excellent soundproofing qualities, making them ideal acoustic barriers.

Most of our products come directly from the manufacturers, so you, the end user, achieve the best value for money. They are thoroughly trialled and tested.

Long Lasting

We do not make outrageous claims for their properties to gain sales. An apparently identical product – mat or fencing – at substantially below the normal price; is a low price for a very good reason. A cheaper 10mm wall mat does not have the non-injurious properties of a 25mm one. Our fencing is a fair price, dearer than some and cheaper than others, but we are the only company that weaves our own tape and has installations lasting into their third decade. Others often can barely achieve two years of wear. Caveat Emptor.

If you cannot find exactly what you seek or need help with your order, please call us on 01483 275182, for we may well have something suitable.

We are one of those old-fashioned companies that like to help. A contented customer is the best possible advertisement. It takes 1,000 happy customers to make a company and one unhappy one to break it.

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