Fieldguard Newsletter

Ground Stabilisation Mesh M9

Help keep your paddocks, fields and gateways in good shape

As the world continues to adapt to the global pandemic and we adjust our lives accordingly, there are many things that remain unchanged. For anyone with stables, paddocks or fields, our horses and animals still need to be looked after with the same care and to the same standards. We would expect nothing less. Living in the UK, periods of rain are a common routine and keeping paddocks, fields, and gateways mud-free makes sensible field management and better for horses and...

Spring clean your stables with Fieldguard

There is always a good time to spring clean your stables and yards. At Fieldguard we have two top products to help ease the workload. Green Gloop Cleaning Fluid Green Gloop Cleaning Fluid is a concentrated detergent, disinfectant, and deodoriser that is harmless to all animals and fowl. With a pleasant floral odour, it is also environment friendly. Green Gloop Cleaning Fluid was originally formulated as an ammonia neutralising liquid and germicide specifically for equine use. It is now used in dog kennels, runs, and...

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