17mm Rubber sheets M10

Slip resistant rubber sheets

17mm Rubber sheets M10

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£42.50 (exc. VAT and delivery)

A thick, dense, tough rubber sheet with a slip resistant surface,  ideal where a single unsupported mat is required.

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17mm Rubber sheets M10

These thick rubber sheets measure 1.82m x 1.22m x 17mm (6′ x 4′). Their weight (40Kilo), and flexibility ensures that they will not move except under the most extreme circumstances.

They are ideal where a single, unsupported mat is required such as stable doorways, grooming areas, farriery work, or anywhere that a soft, warm surface is needed. They are most commonly used as stable and horse walker mats. The mats are made from vulcanised rubber with no bulking or binding agents, so will not readily break down from urine infestation or heavy wear.

On horse walkers they need to be secured down with shield anchoring bolts.

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Weight 40 kg

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