Light EVA stable mats M4

Light EVA stable mats

Light EVA stable mats M4

£49.50£61.50 (exc. VAT and delivery)

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£49.50£61.50 (exc. VAT and delivery)

A Light EVA stable mat made from expanded, high density Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA). These lightweight mats are very tough and thermally efficient. They are more thermally efficient, and as long lasting as rubber.

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M4 code Product name Size Thickness Weight
M420 Budget 1.22m x 0.9215m (3’ x 4’) 20mm 4 kilo
M424 Regular 1.22m x 0.9215m (3’ x 4’) 24mm 5 kilo
M433 Maxibed 1.22m x 0.9215m (3’ x 4’) 33mm 6 kilo


Light EVA stable mats M4

These lightweight EVA stable mats are ideal in stables with poor, or no drainage as they retain most of the liquid on the surface. As the mats are quite rigid, they are unsuitable on soft or undulating floors. They are very easy to trim with a sharp razor knife, such as the Fieldguard Pocket Knife K1. They are warm and soft but have poor draining qualities. A stable requires about 1/8th bale of shavings to mop up the urine.

Light EVA stable mats offer a much higher degree of comfort and warmth in the stable than rubber. They are lightweight which makes them easy to install and remove for cleaning. They are extremely robust and will outlast cheaper (or even more expensive) solid rubber mats. EVA is 100% non absorbent, making them completely odorless and safe for animals. This gives you complete peace of mind, knowing that you have the most hygienic floor available.

Although these mats are extremely heavy duty, virtually indestructible in fact, they are still light enough to make them easy to remove from a stable for cleaning purposes.

The M424 Regular is the single most successful animal floor cushion ever made and is the only product on the market with a proven life span in excess of 25 years. It comes with a 20 year guarantee.

The M433 Maxibed is the only stable mat suitable for foaling stables, as, unlike rubber, there is some grip remaining when Amniotic fluid is present. The M4 is ideal in American barn type stables.

EVA is intolerant of sunshine and will warp if exposed for a long period.

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Weight 5 kg

1.22m x 0.915m x 20mm, 1.22m x 0.915m x 24mm, 1.22m x 0.915m x 33mm

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