Fieldguard Rubber Mats and Accessories

At Fieldguard, our products have been developed by horse owners for horse owners. We supply Horse Mats of the highest standard and place horses’ safety and comfort as a prime concern. Our Stable Mats, Grass Mats, Ramp Mats, and Wall Mats are key markers of our reputation as a market leader in the equine world.

Field Mats, Grass Mats, Gravel Mats, Mud Mats, Outdoor Mats

Our range of honeycomb Field Mats provides excellent grass protection, especially when used together with our under-mat stabilisation mesh (M9). This combination of a rubber mat and mesh has proved ideal where temporary protection of grass or lawns is required.

The versatile design of our outdoor mats also makes them suitable for safe surfacing in playgrounds and slippery pavements.

Stable Mats, Horse Mats, Ramp Mats, Wall Mats

Our interlocking mat range is supplied in three thicknesses and was initially developed for outdoor playgrounds. The thicker version proved to be the most superb of stable mats.

We also offer our unique M2 Horse Mat, which we developed, especially as a horse bedding mat.

Fieldguard’s anti-slip Ramp Mats come in a solid 12mm thick rubber sheet that can stand very hard wear. Our Impact Resistant Stable Wall Mats are made from soft, thick, warm (or cool) Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) to the minimum thickness, assuring that a violent impact will be harmless.

Anti-fatigue Mats

The thinner version of our interlocking mats proves popular, and their anti-fatigue properties make them especially suitable in hard-wearing situations. Everywhere a soft, waterproof, hard-wearing, easy to clean, and where a warm surface is needed – garages, damp cellars, roof terraces, gyms, offices, and shops. The solid compound properties of these rubber mats give them excellent soundproofing qualities, making them ideal acoustic barriers.

All Fieldguard mats conform to BS EN 1177 standards.