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Industrial Mats

Our non slip Industrial Mats are good for dust suppression, as sound barriers to reduce excessive noise, anti-fatigue and many more applications.

By its nature latex is flexible and sound absorbent. It is also both very hard wearing and easily cleaned. Ideal for many applications in Commercial, Domestic and Industrial flooring.

  • Impact resistant, soft EVA Mats

    24mm Soft EVA mats IM6

    A soft, hard wearing lightweight mat with good thermal properties.

    £36.00 (exc. VAT and delivery)
  • 23mm Heavy Honeycomb mat, grass mats, gravel mats23mm Heavy Honeycomb mat

    23mm Heavy Honeycomb mat IM52LO

    With a 22% greater footprint and being harder than standard mats, the 23mm Heavy Honeycomb mat is extremely tough and long lasting, and copes better with constant vehicle usage in less muddy conditions, or where sub-strata conditions are bad for animals. They are available in one size; in black or brown.

    £18.00£34.00 (exc. VAT and delivery)
  • rubber sheetsanti slip rubber mats

    3mm Rubber sheets IM13

    A non slip floor mat with grooves on the underside. These rubber sheets are ideal as a soft under foot and easily moved surface for passageways and corridors where it will also insulate against cold concrete.

    £130.00 (exc. VAT and delivery)
  • 5mm Rubber Sheet, a good van floor matrubber sheets for warehouse s

    5mm Rubber sheets IM14

    A tough and thick rubber sheet made from fully vulcanised latex, with good heat and sound insulation and perfect for a variety of industrial situations. Each sheet is 5m x 1m (16’3” x 3’3”)

    £92.00 (exc. VAT and delivery)
  • Fieldguard anti-fatigue M8 Rubber stable mats and floor mats, industrial rubber mats.Fieldguard M8 Top surface

    20mm Rubber mats IM8

    Industrial rubber mats with small legs moulded into the underside ensure outstanding drainage and a grip if laid on soft or sloping surfaces. They are ideal for restricting dirt and dust on construction sites and other working environments.

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    £25.00 (exc. VAT and delivery)
  • 12mm Rubber sheets, rubber floor mat, rubber flooring, industrial rubber mats, sports mats, gym mats, gymnasium matsFieldguard Rubber Sheet, Rubber ramp mat, Horse box mat M70

    12mm Rubber sheets IM70

    These tough, general purpose industrial rubber mats have high insulating properties, both temperature and sound. It will deaden sounds up to 50db. A dense 12mm thick sheet, that is able to stand very hard wear.

    £33.00 (exc. VAT and delivery)
  • anti-fatigue Honeycomb MatHoneycomb mat

    16mm Light Honeycomb mat IM516

    These non slip, instant draining mats are suitable for use by humans, small animals and light vehicles. They are available in two sizes; in black or green.

    £10.00£26.00 (exc. VAT and delivery)
  • Slip resistant rubber sheetsRubber sheets

    17mm Rubber sheets IM10

    These rubber sheets are tough enough for the most testing industrial location. Heavy enough to withstand machinery and heavy vehicles. A thick, dense, tough slab with a slip resistant surface.

    £40.50 (exc. VAT and delivery)
  • anti slip interlocking mat, floor mat16mm Interlocking mats

    16mm Interlocking mats IM116

    A hard wearing, soft, warm and sound suppressing anti slip interlocking mat that can be laid on any hard surface without pre-preparation.

    PLEASE NOTE: The M116 Mats have a lead time of three months from placement of order to delivery

    £14.85 (exc. VAT and delivery)