23mm Heavy Honeycomb mat IM52LO


23mm Heavy Honeycomb mat IM52LO

£24.50 (exc. VAT and delivery)

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£24.50 (exc. VAT and delivery)

With a 22% greater footprint and being harder than standard mats, the 23mm Heavy Honeycomb mat is extremely tough and long lasting, and copes better with constant vehicle usage in less muddy conditions, or where sub-strata conditions are bad for animals. Available in one size in black.

Note: These mats are supplied with free pins and ties.


Heavy Honeycomb mats

These heavy honeycomb mats are made with fully vulcanized latex. If laid on grass, dependant on weather, they are amenable to irregular vehicle use up to 4 tons. Laid on hard sub-strata, or the M9 mesh, they can withstand all normal vehicles in all weather conditions.

The mats are 1.50m x 1.00m x 23mm thick (4′ 11″ x 3′ 3″).

They are also known as grass mats, hollow mats, holey mats or ring mats. They are suitable for grass re-enforcement and outstanding at gravel containment.

They can be laid on any surface with no prior ground work required, bar smoothing rough soil and, due to their size and weight, are ideal in very muddy gateways, driveways, fields, heavily used commercial areas, deep sea oil platforms; in areas used by vehicles and pedestrians where a non slip surface is required in all weather conditions. They are very tough and can sustain constant heavy usage. When the going is soft and treacherous, then they should be used with the plastic mesh M9 as underpinning.

After a few years outside, the brown honeycomb mats may appear to be perishing. This is caused by the latex and the pigment weathering at different rates. This does not impair the durability of the mats in any way.

Note: These mats are supplied with free pins and ties.

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Weight 15 kg

1.50m x 1.00m


Black, Brown

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