Electrical cable ties CT100

Cable ties Rubber Mat ties

Electrical cable ties CT100

£2.10£4.20 (exc. VAT and delivery)

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£2.10£4.20 (exc. VAT and delivery)

160mm x 4.8mm nylon cable ties for joining honeycomb mats. Also, perfect to secure the R8 insulators to posts other than wood.



Using Cable ties with mats

For securing Honeycomb hollow ring mats together in permanent or very muddy installations, or to bind together newly laid mats, or mats on hard standing; for they become far more effective as a virtual ‘single mat’. They are the only way to connect the M52LO heavy-duty honeycomb mats together.

Using Cable ties with fencing

Cable ties are used in pairs to secure the R8 insulators to all posts other than wood (angle iron, metal poles and concrete stakes).

The ties are available in Black, Brown or Green.

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Black, Brown, Green