Interlocks for honeycomb hollow ring mats M50

£6.00 (exc. VAT and delivery)

Rubber interlocks for joining the thinner and smaller honeycomb mats together. Interlocks cost 50 pence each and are sold in packs of 10.

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When honeycomb mats are first laid, until the grass has recovered enough to hold them in place, the interlocks are most useful in keeping them together.

If the mats are laid on hard, non grass surfaces, the interlocks secure the mats together making the mats into a single large unit. The combined mass is then secure and will not creep. Ideally there should be one locker at each corner joining four mats together, plus a further two down the long side of each mat.

They have a small lip that ensures they don’t pop out. To be fully effective it is essential to ensure that the locker is pressed fully home (upwards over the lip) so that mat and lockers are bound tightly together.

While simple and easy to use on any hard sub-strata, it is very difficult on soft or boggy ground. They cannot be used with the M52LO heavy duty honeycomb hollow ring mat.

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Weight .01 kg
Pack of 10

Pack of 10

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