Securing pins M50P

Securing pins

Securing pins M50P

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£12.50 (exc. VAT and delivery)

Plastic securing pins for Honeycomb hollow ring mats (pack of 50).

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When the honeycomb mats, (M516, M522, M52L, M52LO) are first laid on soft ground prior to the grass re-growth that secures them down, they can flip an edge or corner over from time to time.

Laying the mats on heavily undulating or sharp angle change surfaces, such as a grass step, also makes them prone to stand proud. The pins do what it says, pins them neatly into place.

They are essential when mats are laid on slopes (for hard or stony surfaces the M9P are used), as they stop any mat creep. The mats will remain secure even on near vertical slopes

All honeycomb mats have a series of small holes between the large ones and the pins are designed to fit snugly into those holes. They will not work in the larger holes.

Being made of plastic they can only be driven into soft earth. If the ground is hard then use a large screw driver as a bradawl beforehand.

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