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Electric fencing tape for horses

Fieldguard electric tape is the original electric fencing tape, developed together with our French partners in 1984.

As experienced horse breeders, we have designed the electric tape to be safe and durable, allowing owners peace of mind. Few tapes are as robust and exhaustively tested. Ours has a designed life span in excess of 25 years. The electric fencing tape is highly visible, very strong and flexible so cannot harm animals.

Fieldguard electric tape has outsold all other wide horse tapes combined in Europe and since 1997. It has also been the top-selling tape in the USA and Australia.

It is ubiquitous and can fulfill every animal containment need. For instance, electric fencing can be used to

  • temporarily fence an area
  • render a barbed wire fence safe
  • keep a stallion in (or out) or as a complete
  • create a stand-alone field fencing installation.

Our electric tapes can be supplied in two widths and come in a variety of lengths and colours.