Electric Fencing Tape (20mm ) – R2

20mm electric fence tape

Electric Fencing Tape (20mm ) – R2

£75.00£149.00 (exc. VAT and delivery)

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£75.00£149.00 (exc. VAT and delivery)

Long-lasting, 20mm wide electric fencing tape, available on 250m or 500m reels in green, brown and white. Perfect fencing for small animals, livery yards, stud farms, horse paddocks and training yards.



This electric fencing tape is 20mm wide, supplied in 250m or 500m reels, and available in green, brown and white.

Obviously, it is less visible than the 40mm fence tape (R4), but it is ideal fencing for small animals such as dogs, pigs, rabbits, and foxes. It provides perfect active protection for existing fence rails.


Our tape has a built-in life of 25 years, but early systems have already exceeded that period with tape that was less robust than what we currently offer. It is ideal horse fencing for livery yards, stud farms, horse paddocks, and training yards.

Hints on installing electric tape

20mm Electric Fencing Tape requires a support every 7m. As the tape is light, it requires the thinnest line stakes possible. We recommend 6’ x 2 1/2” diameter round softwood stakes, as used for barbed wire, set 5m (5 strides) apart. At all stress points – such as gate openings, corners, and the start of a tape run – more substantial stakes are required of at least 3 1/2” diameter to which tensioners are attached.

For more information on installing our electric tape, please read our full article Installing electric fence tape

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Tape colour

Brown, Green, White

Tape length

250m, 500m

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