Pigtail Insulator – R17V

extended pig tail insulator

Pigtail Insulator – R17V

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£1.00 (exc. VAT and delivery)

120mm long screw in pigtail insulators for thinner electric tapes.


Pigtail insulators

They have a strong steel core coated in high-density insulation so are very strong and will not break. They can be screwed directly into wood without the need to pre-drill.

Due to their length, they are standoff and ideal when used to protect existing wood rails. Many stud farms and livery yards who have post and rail fencing run two strands of thin tape, one either side of the wood rail.

As they hold the tape lightly, tensioners are essential with any tape run, otherwise, the tape will quickly wear and break.

While sold individually they come packed in 25’s.

You will need R36V.

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