Pigtail Insulator – R17F

pig tail on glass fibre stake

Pigtail Insulator – R17F

Original price was: £0.45.Current price is: £0.40. (exc. VAT and delivery)

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Original price was: £0.45.Current price is: £0.40. (exc. VAT and delivery)

35mm long insulators for glass fibre stakes using the thinner electric tapes.


These insulators are specific to 12mm glass fibre or metal stakes.

Installing the pigtail R17F is simple. Hold the insulator in both hands and squeeze the tail at the bottom and the arm at the top slightly towards your body. This will open up the corkscrew enough to go onto the stake where it will slide up and down freely. Releasing grip locks the insulator at that point on the stake.

As they hold the tape lightly tensioners are essential with any tape run otherwise the tape will quickly wear and break.

While sold individually they come packed in 25’s.

You will need tensioners (R36V) at all ends and corners.

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