Electric fence tensioner – R36V

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A tensioner to hold electrical tape and keep it taught.

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Electric fence tensioner – R36V

This is absolutely essential in all tape systems as the tape – to be effective – must be held and tensioned. This electric fence tensioner is used at all breaks in a straight tape run such as corners, gate openings, and the start and finish of a run.

It is supplied with two self tapping coach bolts (R36S) to go into wood stakes.

As it is double sided, the tensioner can be used as a gate “latch” or “hinge”. A tape run should terminate on one side of the tensioner leaving a tail of approximately 18” for a grip when tensioning up. The other side is free to accept a new tape run or a tape gate.

When tensioning tape, pull it as tight as possible manually. Do not use any mechanical assistance. It should be tight enough to remain stable in high winds.

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