Special insulator – R8

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Special insulator – R8

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£0.70 (exc. VAT and delivery)

Universal insulators for electric tapes of all thickness. Suitable for wood, metal or concrete posts and perfect also for glass fibre stakes.


Special insulator – R8

This special insulator is made from soft plastic and has rounded edges that grip the tape firmly so that it does not wear with wind movement. It also maintains existing tension. The cap can be secured to the insulator with its own violin pressure pegs or separate screws (R8S). Neither can be over-tightened, but hold the cap with the correct pressure on the tape to stop chafing.

This insulator can be fixed to wood, metal or concrete stakes. On the glass fibre posts (R7), it is simply skewered onto the post using a heavy club mallet. For metal or concrete stakes, it is fixed with electrical cable ties (CT100) – for which there is provision in the moulding.

Never pull the cap off the body, as it is easily lost.

Although sold individually, the R8 Special Insulator also comes in useful packs of 20 or 100.

You will need self-tapping screws (R8X) and tensioners (R36V) at all ends and corners.

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