Self securing nylon rivets WM120

Self securing nylon rivets WM120

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Self securing nylon rivets for easily attaching wall mats, rubber sheets and anti-casting strips. (pack of 10)

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Self securing nylon rivets WM120

Pack of 10 tough, self securing rivets. The self securing rivets are ideal for mats and anti cast strips to any hard surface such as brick, concrete, breeze block or steel. They can also be used on wood.

Fixing is simple and no special tools are needed. Line up the mat and drill a 6.53mm hole through it, and into the substrate. The hole should be deeper than the rivet length. Insert rivet fully and tap the pin firmly home using a claw hammer. The barbed end portion will expand against the substrate giving a secure fixing.

Use ten rivets for a 3’ x 4’ wall mat M6, five for an anti cast strip M12, sixteen for the rubber sheets M70 and thirty for the M14.

If used for equine walls it is preferable to use them, or nails, for, unlike steel screws, they will not injure a hoof that may make violent contact when a horse is scrabbling for a purchase.

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