Self securing nylon rivets WM120

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Self securing nylon rivets for easily attaching wall mats, rubber sheets and anti-casting strips.

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Self-securing nylon rivets WM120

These rivets are ideal for securing mats and anti-cast strips to any hard surface such as brick, concrete, breeze block, or steel. They can also be used on wood. Fixing is simple and no special tools are needed.

  • Line up the mat and drill a 7mm hole through it, and into the substrate. The hole should be deeper than the rivet length
  • Insert rivet in to mat and tap in with a hammer. The barbed end portion will expand against the substrate giving a secure fixing
  • Use 9 rivets for a wall mat in 3 equal rows of 3.

Nylon rivets are the perfect choice for equine walls as unlike steel screws, they will not injure a hoof that may make violent contact when a horse is scrabbling for a purchase.

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