20mm Rubber mats IM8

Fieldguard anti-fatigue M8 Rubber stable mats and floor mats, industrial rubber mats.

20mm Rubber mats IM8

£31.00 (exc. VAT and delivery)

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£31.00 (exc. VAT and delivery)

Industrial rubber mats with small legs moulded into the underside ensure outstanding drainage and a grip if laid on soft or sloping surfaces. They are ideal for restricting dirt and dust on construction sites and other working environments.

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These industrial rubber mats are ideal for restricting dirt and dust on construction sites.

Each mat is 1.2m x 0.915m x 20mm (4′ x 3′) and weighs 20 kg. The top has an easily cleaned slip-resistant surface, which is certified to BS EN 7188:88 at 64 wet and 84 dry. The sheet is fully vulcanised latex to a density/specific gravity of 1.45gm per cc.

Originally designed as a stable mat, these make excellent industrial rubber mats for all working environments. Small legs give the mat a soft and springy feel when laid on hard surfaces, where they will move unless secured. On rough or soft surfaces, the legs key in and keep them secure. Their small size means they can be easily moved.

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Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 1.2 × .915 × .20 m

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