Green Gloop Cleaning Fluid – 2 Litre Bottle (£7.75/Litre)

Green Gloop Cleaning Fluid

Green Gloop Cleaning Fluid – 2 Litre Bottle (£7.75/Litre)

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£15.50 (exc. VAT and delivery)

Green Gloop Cleaning Fluid is a concentrated detergent, disinfectant and deodoriser that is harmless to all animals and fowl. With a pleasant floral odour, it is also environment friendly.


Green Gloop Cleaning FluidGreen Gloop Cleaning Fluid was originally formulated as an ammonia-neutralising liquid and germicide specifically for equine use. It is now used in dog kennels, runs, and yards, as well as with many other animals and fowl, where 100% cleanliness is essential. It exceeds the specification and has been certified to EN 14349:2012 as a suitable disinfectant and germicide for veterinary use on non-porous surfaces.

Recommended usage

Over 30 years of experience with the product informs us that 1 cup/16 litres dilution of Green Gloop for non-porous rubber floors or 2 cups/16 litres for solid floors is sufficient, even though our product label stipulates 2 or 4 cups/16 litres.

We were required to double the recommended dilution rate following the introduction of EU Directive EN14349 for Veterinary surface disinfectants.

Green Gloop is a highly concentrated, water-based, non-toxic detergent and deodoriser that will not harm animals or rot rubber matting.

It is the preferred cleaner in many livery yards, stud farms, professional kennels and catteries, and an animal health laboratory. It is ideal for cow barns, chicken and bird housing and pig pens.

Empty Green Gloop Spray Bottle

One Green Gloop Spray Bottle supplied FREE OF CHARGE with your order

We now provide one empty Green Gloop Spray Bottle free of charge and ready to fill with each sale of Green Gloop. If you spray your stables with our Green Gloop, this spray bottle is ideal for the job. To order, add one Green Gloop Spray Bottle to your basket when you pay. (Note: only one free bottle per order)

Green Gloop Cleaning Fluid – an outstanding cleaner

Fieldguard Green Gloop is also outstanding when used in chemical (camp, caravan) and domestic lavatories; it is used on most European railway networks, albeit in a less heavily scented form. It is favoured over other chemical cleaners because it does not impact wildlife or the environment.

It is ideal on all artificial beds as it cleans mat surfaces, neutralises urine and leaves the environment smelling fresh.

If used on walls and badly infested floors, the dilution rate is halved, and a second wash is often required some hours after the initial application. Stained concrete floors can be cleaned to pristine freshness.

For normal cleaning, it is not necessary to lift mats to apply Green Gloop. It is diluted in a bucket of water, flushed over the surface and brushed between the cracks.

Only a very mild solution is necessary for outside use as it will scour urine stains and kill all smells. It is totally safe and harmless to all animals and degrades rapidly, causing no environmental damage.

All draining and non-draining under-bed type mats should be lifted at least once every nine months, and both they and the stable floor should be thoroughly washed down with Green Gloop. Porous rubber mats should have the same treatment monthly.

No other disinfectant is recommended with any rubber mats as most are either phenol or formaldehyde-based, both of which are dangerous to animal health and rot rubber, for they break down slowly. They are also environmentally unsound and cause water pollution,

Also available as 8 x 2-litre bottles and a 25-litre container.


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