Rubber Ties/Leads

Rubber ties and leads

Rubber Ties/Leads

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£27.85£33.10 (exc. VAT and delivery)

Rubber Ties/Leads (R20)

Strong, supple, elastic and chew proof with convenient solid brass bull clips at either end. They eliminate the need for unsightly baling twine on tie rings. For added safety the clips are positive close and snap open quick release.



These rubber horse leads/horse ties are available in two lengths:

R20b Medium Ties/Leads – Used as normal leads or for yard tying.
Rubber 63cm (25”). Total length including brass clips, 82cm (32″).

R20c Long Leads – Perfect to use as either long leads, cross ties or across doorways so retaining horse but allowing human access.
Rubber 122cm (48”). Total length including brass clips, 140cm (55″).

The ties have a single-handed method of clipping up and a quick release slip out mechanism. They are totally safe for training young stock, or unmannered horses as they will stretch to over double their normal length – until the foal or horse tires and gives up the unequal fight.

Constant chewing will not harm them. In the unlikely event of them breaking, provided the end with the moulded impression of a horse’s head picture is on the head collar, they will spring away from the horse.

When used as lead ropes the lower rubber knob provides a slip-proof hand grip.

WARNING Stressed rubber becomes a powerful weapon. Natural instincts are to release an animal fighting the tie that is not harming them at all. It is training them to be docile when tied. No matter how panicked the horse appears to be, any attempt to undo the tie will result in personal injury. The horse will calm down when it finally realises this is a fight it has lost.

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17" (430mm), 25" (630mm), 48" (1220mm)

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