Complete horse bedding mats M2

complete stable bedding mat

Complete horse bedding mats M2

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£28.35 (exc. VAT and delivery)

Complete horse bedding mats developed by horse owners specifically for horses with instant surface drainage, soft, warm, hygienic and smell free.

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Complete horse bedding mats

The M2 mat is unique, being the only mat ever to be developed quite specifically as a complete bed mat, with instant and total draining properties. A urinating horse produces around 10-15 litres of liquid and with this mat it is gone within seconds, like water down a plug hole, leaving just a damp patch on the surface.

Comfort for the horses

These horse bedding mats are small and easily handled and stand on extended legs so each mat can cover enormous quantities of liquid. They are vulcanised to a specific level of hardness that is firm underfoot but soft enough not to bruise a horse’s ribs when lying down. Horses happily lie on them for extended periods, rather than the usual 20 minutes.

Easy to maintain

The M2 mats require no other bedding whatsoever. The bed is softer and warmer than any conventional bed and is totally dust and spore free. There is no stable smell and it takes less than five minutes to muck out. The bed can only be laid on hard surfaces and does require ultimate drainage. To be fully effective it is essential to cover the entire floor with matting. It is the only product in the world that was developed SPECIFICALLY as a horse-bedding mat.

Easy to fit

These small mats measure 100cm x 50cm x 25mm (3’ 3” x 17½”) and are locked together with rubber locking plates to both bind, and keep them slightly apart to allow instant surface drainage. They are essential to the correct performance of the mats.

There are two types of locking plate. The full one (L1) for all corners where four mats adjoin, and a half size one (L2) for the middle of the mat and along the edges. Sufficient lockers and half lockers are included in the initial mat purchase at no extra cost.

You can order the M2 standard stable sizes as outlined in our Stable Mat and Comfort Guide, click here to work out quantities.

All other sizes, or multiple stable orders, please ring us rather than struggle to work out the number of mats, locking plates and half locking plates you may need. 

Fieldguard Stable Mats have proved a perfect long term drainage solution for my horses and worth every penny if you are a working rider!!

Liz MossopStable Owner, Nottinghamshire

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