Charlie Sellings

Those of you who met our wonderful and ever cheerful Warehouseman, Charlie Sellings, will be sad to hear that he died suddenly last week.  Charlie came to us to work part-time on making up fence orders, but over the years he so loved the job, the responsibility and his van that he voluntarily extended his hours until he was working for us full time. He kept the warehouse smart and well stocked without being asked. Ever cheerful, 100% reliable and...

Post Date: 4th February 2019

POSTSCRIPT to ‘The Diary of a Dog’

As some time has passed since my great scribble project, I am sure you’d like to know the current state of play. Well, first of all, spring still hasn’t arrived, even though British Summer Time has; and even the swallows have returned! The winds have been icier and more cutting than in January, and it is always raining, and if it’s not, then it’s drizzling. Yuk! I feel so healthy and full of beans that it’s spurt or bounce everywhere,...

Post Date: 28th December 2017

Helping you Spring Clean with Products from Fieldguard

Spring time is always a good time to clean out your stables and yards. At Fieldguard we have two top products to help ease the workload. THE GRIPPER MAT MOVER £18.00 each (exc. VAT and delivery) Our Gripper Mat Mover Tool, literally does help ease the workload by making the arduous task of moving mats much easier and much quicker. We recommend using two Gripper Mat Movers when moving heavy items in order to get maximum benefit whatever your size. The Gripper, which...

Post Date: 30th November 2017

Fieldguard chooses TNT as new delivery partner

Pete from TNT will be collecting every order you place with us from now on For the past twenty years, we have had a very happy relationship with Interlink who have all our next day Courier shipments. However, like any marriage, there have been ups and downs. Now we have been forced to change delivery partners, as they are no longer able to carry liquids, meaning they no longer accept shipments of Green Gloop. As Green Gloop accounts for around 30%...

Post Date: 11th October 2016

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