Power Connectors – R59B

Power Connectors

Power Connectors – R59B

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£3.50 (exc. VAT and delivery)

A pair of power connector clips is supplied together with the R28 Teflon insulated cable (see product below). Please note: Price quoted for Teflon Insulated Cable – R28 is per metre of cable.

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Power Connectors for Teflon insulated cable

Power should not be directly applied to tape as, in time, it burns through the filaments.

These connector clips and their varying length cable carry the power from an energiser located apart from the fence to the nearest tensioner on the fence. They carry power between two unconnected fence systems, or under solid gate openings.

We make them up to order for any length of cable R28. As a guide a 12’ gate will require the two clips plus 6 metres of cable.

Teflon Insulated Cable – R28

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