Solar Panel and Stand – SP10

Solar Panel and stand

Solar Panel and Stand – SP10

£129.00 (exc. VAT and delivery)

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£129.00 (exc. VAT and delivery)

A 10 watt solar panel for increasing battery charge.


Solar panel and stand for electric fencing

The 10 watt solar panel is the ideal choice to prevent battery drain with smaller energisers powered by a 12 volt battery. Provides a continuous trickle feed to maintain power levels and extend battery life. Crystalline technology provides ‘all weather’ charging, even in UK light conditions.

The 10 watt panel will require a separate charge controller when used with batteries smaller than 70Ah.

Its features include a blocking diode prevents reverse current drain, a robust, water-resistant construction, a 10 year warranty.

The panel is supplied with 5m cable, cable connector, fuse, ring terminals and crocodile clips, and a stand. It is credited with IEC 61215 accreditation.

The solar panel stand is made of robust powder-coated black steel, and is designed to hold the panel at the correct angle to the sun at British latitudes to maximise performance. The solar panel bolts easily to it and there is a thumb bolt to adjust direction towards the sun at midday.

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