Defender Electric Fence Energiser (mains) D50

Defender 50 Dual Power Fence Energiser

Defender Electric Fence Energiser (mains) D50

£280.00 (exc. VAT and delivery)

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£280.00 (exc. VAT and delivery)

A 5.0 joule battery or mains powered electric fence energiser for permanent or temporary electric fence systems.


5.0 joule Defender electric fence energiser

These 5 Joule electric fence energiser units are so powerful that they drain battery power very rapidly, so it is advisable only to use them with mains power. They can be plugged into your normal mains system.

Mains units remain under cover and need cable laid to the nearest portion of the available fence. They also need to be very well earthed, and it is recommended that a minimum of two 1.5m metal rods or two of our ER3 earth rods (not included) are driven into the ground nearby and connected to each other by strong wire. As with all energisers, if power is down or a slight tingle is felt when the rod is touched, more earthing is required.

Features include;

  • Three-year guarantee
  • Use with 12v battery mains or solar
  • Fence condition indicator
  • Low battery warning light
  • Post or wall fixing
  • Fence leads included.

Defender Electric Fence Energisers, in our experience, are the most suitable and reliable electric fence energisers for equine use and can be run from either a battery or the mains.

To work effectively, the power output from the energiser should be a minimum of 3000 volts. The power through the fence should be 5-8,000 volts for safety. The optimum type of shock to safely contain horses should be a very short but extremely high voltage pulse – similar to a bee sting.

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