12mm Rubber sheets SSM70

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12mm Rubber sheets SSM70

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£37.00 (exc. VAT and delivery)

A dense, 12mm thick rubber sheet which is able to stand very hard wear and perfect as a safe surface flooring.


12mm Rubber sheets – perfect for safe surfaces

These rubber sheets have an easy to clean slip resistant surface, which is certified to BS EN 7188:88 at 64 wet and 84 dry. The sheets are made with fully vulcanised latex to a density/specific gravity of 1.45gm per cc.

Each rubber sheet is 1.82m x 1.22m x 12mm thick (6’ x 4’).

This is a tough, general purpose safety surface mat with high insulating properties, for both temperature and sound. It will deaden sounds up to 50db. It is ideal in cold, damp, noisy situations, and is strong enough to handle most machinery. It is an ideal safe surface floor covering in very heavily used areas or where maximum foot purchase is required, such as greenhouses, passages, sports centres, gymnasia, garden centres, warehouses, yards, factories, machine rooms and loading areas.

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