Diary of a Dog

Diary of a Dog

Diary of a Dog


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The Diary of a Dog by Bandit, illustrated by Viv Levy and transcribed by Robert Powell charts the day to day happenings of a retired greyhound as he settles into a domestic life, as seen through his eyes.


The Diary of a Dog is a touching and often hilarious account of his, and his lurcher companion’s adventures and the book will resonate with all people who have ever been owned by a dog.

The Diary of a Dog book by Bandit, transcribed by Robert Powell is exquisitely illustrated by Viv Levy and would make a wonderful gift; but is an absolute must for those people who are considering giving a greyhound a home.
128 pages 15 colour illustrations

All proceeds from the Diary of a Dog are assigned to the greyhound re-homing and rescue industry, which is primarily supported by voluntary funds. Celia Cross Greyhound Rescue and The Retired Greyhound Trust.

Annually, over 10,000 greyhounds retire from racing in the UK, and of those, only around 6-8,000 are re-homed.

In the words of Bandit’s person, Robert Powell, “If this book helps one greyhound to find a new home, it will have done some good.”


The Diary of a Dog book, written by the retired greyhound, Bandit, with some help from his person no doubt, is a funny, poignant, and very moving account of his first months in a domestic home. A must-read book.” Andi, London Dog Forum

This is the hilarious, day-to-day diary of Bandit, a four year old retired greyhound who lived at the Celia Cross Greyhound Rescue Centre until he was adopted by Bertie and taken home to live with lurcher Willow. They have a whale of a time. Bandit, who thinks he’s very handsome, is particularly naughty and loves shredding bog rolls and nicking pigs’ ears from the vet’s.Horse & Rider

Full of humour with an insight into the nature of greyhounds from their joy of running to their devotion to the duvet. Ideal for the older reader.Homer Magazine

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You can follow Bandit by visiting his very own ‘Diary of a Dog’ Facebook page. Click here

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