The Mysterious Disappearance at Bird Bridge: A Dog Detective Story

The Mysterious Disappearance at Bird Bridge

The Mysterious Disappearance at Bird Bridge: A Dog Detective Story


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A quirky tale of two small dogs investigating a mysterious disappearance on London’s Hampstead Heath. A tragicomedy laden with mischief and hilarious goings on – set solely in the canine world. Written and illustrated by Viv Levy.


Two very unlikely heroines, Dot and Elsie, meet all kinds of bizarre characters on their quest including Dogo Argentino, Oberman Doberman, JR the Jack Russell, and aristocratic Faye with her magical Glastonbury powers of divination. Fully illustrated in black and white original drawings, this is a tale for dog lovers everywhere

Hardback 156 pages.

About the Author

Viv Levy is an artist by profession, a sculptor and painter. She lectured on drawing at both the RCA and St. Martins for many years and her previous book ‘The Beginners Guide to Life Drawing’ is now a classic reference book. She walks her dog daily on Hampstead Heath and knows all the regular dogs and walkers. She is regularly commissioned to paint life size dog portraits which have become very popular.


This delightful little book is a lavishly illustrated jeu d’esprit based on a conventional detective story. A strangely familiar yet other worldly Hampstead Heath is bounded by hostile streets and a mysterious foreign land of Frogs. The wonderful drawings bring to life an unlikely cast of eccentric and very real dog characters, notably the obese and greedy Gossip who holds court in the cafe and our engaging protagonists the hapless Dot and Elsie not to mention the ethereal Faye whose powers of divination – she’s from Glastonbury – help them solve the mystery.’ CA

What a wonderful read! I want to take Dot & Elsie home. Such fun, mystery and intrigue…the book that would make every dog lover laugh and cry and grandparents would enjoy reading to their grandchildren(explaining much along the way) Anyone listening would have a good chuckle.! With beautiful lifelike drawings of the doggie characters. A truly lovely book to read.” BR

I love this book, a very silly story set on London’s Hampstead heath and full of the most wonderful drawings of dogs. It’s hilarious, entertaining and also touching, I think because the author/artist clearly has such an affinity with her subjects and such a warm affection for them. It would make a great Christmas present for dog lovers.” MG

I am thrilled to have read that entertaining and lovingly illustrated book…an ideal Christmas present for all people who love weird and wonderful dogs, know Hampstead Heath and are in possession of a sense of fantasy and humour.” HJ.

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