Fieldguard Mark V tape

Fieldguard Mark V tape

Fieldguard electric fencing tape

40mm electric fence tape (R4)

High-quality long lasting electric fencing tape

The concept of a wide tape that could be electrified and used to contain horses was a combined effort by our French partners and ourselves in 1983-4. We became frustrated that every improvement we made would then be offered to everyone else by the weaver, so in 1994, we bought our own looms. No longer needing to buy in, and confident improvements would not be copied; we put those savings into weaving ever more effectively.

The first introduction was a nylon buffer to reduce stretching, followed by thicker stainless filaments that are less power-hungry = smaller and cheaper energizers. It also meant that the effective life span rose from around 18 years to nearer 30.

Then we reasoned that animals only touch the top and bottom, so it was obvious that the stainless steel filaments should be bunched along the leading edges. It not only made the tape more effective but also meant that if any filament broke, there would be no ’ticking’ and interference with any nearby TV sets and no loss of power throughout the run. It took five years to perfect, but now we have the outstanding Mark V tape, and it is at a highly competitive price compared to other quality tapes because we are the only retailers who weave our own tapes.

Fieldguard tape has always striven to be safe, reliable and long-lasting so, giving horse owners peace of mind. It works against us because whereas other quality tapes need constant replacing, ours seem to go on and on and on. A customer recently observed that he was now replacing parts of his original installation – bought in 1989!

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