Introducing the brand new GRIPPER Mat Mover

Introducing the brand new GRIPPER Mat Mover

Great news!!! The new Gripper mat movers are now available from our Fieldguard webshop.

In a business such as ours you cannot but help chucking a lot of heavy mats around all the time, and we found the need for a Mat Moving tool essential for that purpose.

With this in mind, we could see a wide variety of situations where such a mat moving tool would be useful, PROVIDED it was at the same sort of price as a garden tool. There was no alternative but to produce one ourselves, and in the process improve the performance. This we have done. We are proud to announce the arrival of the Fieldguard GRIPPER mat mover.

GRIPPER is positive grip, positive release, so can be used for any heavy bag, sack or cumbersome object where there is some finger grip, such as bags of compost, horse or dog feed, or carpets. It permits moving very dirty cumbersome objects without getting mess all over clothes – or hands. Best of all, it provides a firm grip for your hand, rather than just a couple of fingers. It will grip most flat mats automatically up to 25mm thick, but needs the positive grip button when handling mats with legs, or no meaningful gripping surface, such as the honeycomb mats.

Why not order yours from our web shop now?

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